7 Easy Meals To Cook For A Date

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date

    A date is to serve as a romantic experience between you and your spouse. Within this period you could eat something sumptuous, engaging and simple to make. Here are some Ghanaian easy meals to cook for a date.

    1. Fried Pork with fried Yam

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    Fried pork with fried yam is a simple meal to cook for a date. Yam is peeled and sliced into thin sizes. They are then fried with oil. The ingredients that could be used to prepare the fried pork include pork belly, onions, garlic, salt and oil. Add hot pepper to the fried pork and serve with the fried yam to enjoy with your date.

    2. Spaghetti Jollof

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    For your spaghetti Jollof, prepare tomato stew. You could add chicken or beef to taste. Add the spaghetti to the stew. When the spaghetti is cooked, you can add fried scrambled eggs, fried sausages and some vegetable to make it look and taste good.

    3. Kelewele with grandnuts and small slized bread

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    Kelewele is a Ghanaian recipe that includes fried riped plantain seasoned with some local spices like pepper and ginger. You could serve kelewele alone or add small slices of bread and grandnuts. A juice wont be bad to add. It is great for desserts or for snacks too. Your date will surely enjoy this recipe.

    4. Chichinga and Juice.

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    Chichinga, a Ghanaian street food is prepared with skewered and grilled meat and dipped in a spiced mix to add more taste and pepper. Sausage could be grilled also for this purpose. When your chichinga is ready, you and you date could enjoy yourselves with some juice.

    5. Homemade pancakes and juice

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    Pancakes could be easily made at home for a date. For a sweet and creamy pancake, your ingredients could be flour, milk, fan milk, sugar and some eggs. Fry as many pancakes you want and chew them alongside some fresh fruit juice with your date.

    6. Tatale or Plantain Cakes

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date
    A date could be so memorable with tatale as a meal. All you need to do is to peel and mash plantains very well and add flour to it to help the mashed plantain bond together. You then add blended onions, palm oil salt and pepper to make it taste great. Mix so well to decrease lumps and have a smooth paste. Leave mixture there for some time. With hot oil, fry the mixture in full spoons until they turn golden brown.

    7. Smoothie and cookies

    Easy Meals To Cook For A Date

    There are various smoothies you could make at home for a date. You could blend some required fruits and combine them if it is right too. Check some sites online and pick from the variety of smoothies you find, one that you may want to try with your date. You could bake some cakes or some cookies to complete the recipe.


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