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Fun Ways To Edit Videos On IPhone

edit videos on iphone

The ability to record and edit videos on iPhone has never been simpler than it is now. It used to be difficult to produce high quality, cinematic video footage. To pull it off, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars in camera equipment and software.

Now, with the appropriate filmmaker, even full-length movies can be made entirely on a smartphone.

It is fantastic for novices learning how to make outstanding films to be able to generate material on a smartphone. With the most recent iPhone 13 and 14 Pro being able to shoot in ProRes (a video codec of the highest quality for professionals), Apple has led the way in terms of video quality on a smartphone for years.

Almost all modern iPhones are capable of recording videos with excellent resolution and clarity. Therefore, it makes sense that the phone also comes with some basic video editing tools right out of the box.

While Android also offers some fantastic capabilities, filming and editing movies on iOS only requires the touch of a button. For video editors who want to produce content only using their phones, there are several excellent solutions available.

In this article, I will demonstrate various different methods for editing an iPhone video. Note that everything covered in this tutorial is also compatible with the iPad and Mac.

1.     Trim Your Video

Got a lengthy video that won’t fit in Mail or Messages? Or perhaps you only want to send your loved ones a portion of a video? You may shorten your movie by changing the start and finish times using the Photos app.

a.     How To Trim On Your Iphone

  1. Tap the video you wish to edit in the Photos app after starting it.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Change the start and stop times by dragging the sliders on each side of the video timeline.
  4. Tap the play button to see a preview of your reduced video.
  1. Tap Done, then tap Save Video or Save Video as New Clip.
  • Save video option will only save the trimmed version of the video.
  • Using the Save as New Clip option will keep the original version, as well as creating an additional trimmed version in your library.

b.     How To Trim A Video On Your Mac

  1. Open the Photos app and double-click the video that you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Move the sliders on both sides of the video timeline to change the start and stop times. To preview your trimmed video, click the play button.
  4. Click Done, then click Save Video or Save Video as New Clip.

c.      How To Undo A Video Trim On Your Iphone

  1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, open the video that you trimmed.
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap Revert
  4. Then tap Revert to Original.


  1. Open the video that you trimmed.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Revert to Original, or move the sliders back to the beginning and end of the video.
  4. Then click Done.

2.  How To Duplicate Your Video To Preserve The Original

When you edit a video, the altered version replaces the original. The modifications you make in the Photos app are, however, non-destructive so, at any point, you may go back to the original video.

What if you wish to maintain both the original and a modified copy of the movie in your photo library? You can duplicate the video before editing in such circumstances.  That way, you will have two copies of the video on your iPhone – one of which can be edited.

To duplicate a video,

  1. Open it in the Photos app
  2. Then tap the share icon (square with arrow) at the bottom left.
  3. Scroll down and select duplicate.
  4. Tap the backarrow at the top left of the screen to return to thumbnail view in your photo library.
  5. The duplicate video will be at the bottom of your photo library.
  6. You can now edit this duplicate video, safe in the knowledge that the original version won’t be altered.

3. How To Add A Filter And Rotate Your Videos

  1. After you’ve taken your video open it in the Photos app
  2. Tap on Edit.
  3. You can rotate, add a filter and adjust the look of your video in the Photos app.
  4. If you’re not happy with your changes, tap Cancel to revert it back to the original.

4.     Customise Your Slo-Mo Video

After you’ve made a recording in the slo-mo camera mode, you can edit which part of your video will play with the slow-motion effect.

  1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  2. Tap Edit on the slo-mo video that you want to edit.
  3. On your Mac, click Edit. Then use the vertical white lines in the video timeline to set when slo-mo begins and ends.

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