Nigeria Scenery: Top Places to Visit in Nigeria As Tourist

    Nigeria Scenery

    According to annual statistics from Nigerian officials, more and more people visit the country for entertainment reasons. Since 2016, plenty of new tourist facilities has been inaugurated to make staying in the country more comfortable and safe.

    Domestic tourism in the most populated country in Africa has also been expanding. This trend has already proved that Nigerians strive to study its local attractions without going abroad. Thus, today we are providing you with the top 7 places to visit in Nigeria.

    Sacred Grove

    This extraordinary place is situated in southern Nigeria, in nearly the last lasting high forests.  Sacred Grove allows everyone fascinated in ancient Nigeria’s religious tradition. According to local legends, this Grove is home of Osun, goddess of fertility. This Grove is the most valuable identity symbol of the Yoruba people. A trickling river, which unusual banks are rich in old shrines, little sanctuaries, and sculptures, halves this spectacular landscape. There are five sacred places along its banks. Thousands of both tourists and natives yearly come to Sacred Grove to watch the priestesses performing their everyday worship.

    Zuma Rock

    This rock is a recognized symbol of Nigeria. It is both imposing and impressive. This amazing natural is often called the Gateway to Abuja. The Rock is located in Niger State along the road from Abuja to Kaduna.

    Zuma Rock is depicted on the 100 naira banknote. This natural godsend is 725 meters high and over three kilometres in circumference! Guides say that it is conceivable to see a human face portrayed in the rock if to look closer. Superstitious residents believe this face to hold some mysterious power. Moreover, it can cause disaster if someone starts looking at it with the evil eye. During numerous intertribal wars, the Gbagyi people used this Rock as a protective retreat against invading neighbouring tribes.

    Notwithstanding all this, Zuma Rock is undoubtedly one of the top 8 places in Nigeria every traveller must visit.

    The Obudu Plateau

    It is an eye-catching area of natural attractiveness located in southern Nigeria. It is the highest peak in the Cross River State.  The Obudu Plateau covers the area of over 40 square miles. It rises at 1,585 meters about sea level. It is a natural kingdom of rare African species of birds.

    Tourists who admire selfies say that the views from the Obudu Plateau are absolutely astonishing. There is a unique tourist lodge where people come both to make unforgettable pictures and enjoy the fresh air. It is easy to reach the top of the Plateau using personal cable car transport.

    Among the most popular attractions on the Plateau is the Obudu Cattle Ranch where tourists can enjoy delicious milk and butter.

    Kwa Falls

    It is one of the most amazing natural attractions in Nigeria. This stunning waterfall is situated in the narrow canyon, branching off the Kwa River in the Oban Nature Reserve. It is a part of the huge Cross River National Park. Kwa Falls and the river itself are mostly known for their deep plunge pool at the bottom, which is enclosed by majestic tropical rain forest. Moreover, there is a unique zoological garden near Kwa Falls. Do not miss a perfect chance to view plenty of rare African animal species.

    Yankari Game Reserve

    Yankari Game Reserve can be called the most popular tourist destination in Nigeria. It undoubtedly plays a crucial role in both the promotion and development of ecotourism in the country. Moreover, the Reserve is the trendiest eco-destination in West Africa.

    It is situated in savanna woodland around the Gagi River (the south-central part of Bauchi State). The reserve covers the area of about 870 square miles. Since 1956, the reserve has become one of the most famous game reserves in Nigeria. Plenty of wild animals live here such as baboons, antelopes, elephants, bushbucks, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, monkeys, lions, and many other species!

    Yankari Game Reserve is also known for its numerous secluded caves and warm springs. So, you will feel the supreme happiness while relaxing in the Wikki Warm Spring.

    Olumo Rock

    This marvellous natural monument is located in Abeokuta. Though the Olumo Rock peak is only 137 meters high about sea level, it holds a unique historical and religious importance to all Egba people. Plenty of them just lives near the base of the rock.  The Egba people used the rock as a refuge point to watch their enemy’s advance. The top of the rock is one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. Here it is also possible to buy unique things of local handicraft art.

    Kamuku National Park

    The north-central part of Nigeria is rich in great attractions. Kamuku National Park is one of them. It can be found in Bimini Gwari. Typical savannah forests surround the park. It covers the territory of more than 1,140 square kilometres. Thousands of tourists come here yearly to watch animals living in a natural environment. Here you can enjoy and take photos of over species of mammals counting antelopes, monkeys, elephants, warthogs, and baboons.

    Now you now top seven places to visit in Nigeria, though it is not an easy task to select some exact places while ignoring the other attractions. However, the mentioned above places must be quite a good start for those people who have never been to this country. If you have your ideas about the best places to visit in Nigeria, please, share them in the comments. We`ll gladly discuss them!

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