5 Incredible Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Recipes to impress your boyfriend on your first date? Worry not that’s why we at Lifehackhome.com are here for you.

    The popular saying ‘’the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’’ has become an integral part of every serious relationship as no man would want to marry a lady who is not good in the kitchen. Men love it absolutely when their women pamper them with great meals. We are happy to bring your way today amazing recipes that will blow his mind and get him committed to you forever.

    Tuo Zaafi

    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Tuo zaafi is a meal loved by many which also has great health benefits to offer due to the ayoyo soup (jute leaves soup) they are always served with. The jute leave or ayoyo is rich in minerals like calcium, iron and Beta-Carotene which gives you beautiful skin and keeps your lungs healthy as you age. The good news is ayoyo is easy to find in Ghana. The ingredients for preparing TZ are also easy to find in Ghana and in most African countries. Visit the following YouTube channel to watch

    This link leads to detailed steps on how sweet Adjeley prepares her TZ including the ingredients used in the process.

    Did you know jute leaves(Ayoyo) can help in blood clotting? Well, you may want to try applying its juice on cuts the next time you or a loved one gets a cut and the blood seem to not want to stop easily.

    Fried Rice

    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Another meal which is loved by most Ghanaians is fried rice. Fried rice is indeed a good choice when you have little time and few utensils at your disposal. Score more points with your man by treating him to a mouthwatering meal that he can’t resist even when he is angry with you. Enjoy a detailed process on how to prepare my favourite Shrimp and chicken vegetable fried rice from sweet Adjeley following

    Follow This Link To Learn How To Prepare It


    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    For street food, pizza is a great alternative as it’s loved by many and especially couples. Pizza can also boost your relationship as it brings that kind of intimacy when sharing it with your loved ones. You also stand the chance of making an impression on your man as it’s not usually prepared at home.

    Follow this link

    to enjoy a detailed process on how to prepare pizza at home using a pan as a substitute for an oven.


    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Another Ghanaian finger food loved by many is the popular Kelewele which is best taken with groundnut. With some ripe plantain, oil for frying, groundnut and local spices like ginger, chilly pepper, black pepper (optional), cloves, calabash nutmeg(this helps give you the sweet aroma), onion, garlic(optional )and salt to taste you’re good to go. You can also watch a detailed video on how to prepare kelewele following the link.

    Baked Cake

    Recipes To Impress Your Boyfriend

    Make every moment count, help your man create special memories by surprising him with a home-baked cake on his birthday. Make him live and cherish every moment spent with you like the princess you are. I guess nothing is sweeter than being able to bake your anniversary cake or his birthday cake.
    For a birthday or an anniversary, cake follow the link to watch a detailed process.

    Also, Watch Sweet Adjeley’s simple method for making a rich Ghana cake and that too with or without an oven. yeeey; good news right?

    Watch This Video

    Love is indeed beautiful when you’re with the right person.


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