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Simple Ways To Scan Documents Using An IPhone

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Being able to scan documents and capture crucial papers while on the road has become essential in our fast-paced digital age. But who wants to lug along heavy scanners or go to a copy shop nearby?

Thankfully, smartphones have saved the day, and particularly, the iPhone has a potent scanning capability built right in. You can easily turn your iPhone into a portable scanner at your fingers with just a few simple clicks. Let’s look at how to maximize this feature.

The native scanning application from Apple, called “Notes,” makes it simple to scan documentation like  business cards, receipts, and other types of paperwork. Open the “Notes” app on your iPhone to get started.

If it’s not on your home screen, utilize the search function to find it right away. Once it’s opened, choose an existing note or start a new one and upload the scanned file to it.

Tap the camera button inside the note to begin scanning. Go to the menu that appears and choose “Scan Documents.” The camera on your iPhone will turn on and ask you to position the document you want to scan within the frame. Once it is inside the acceptable range, the document outline will turn yellow, indicating that the scan is ready to be taken.

Keep your hand firm and check the lighting before taking the picture of the document. The the iPhone’s camera will detect the document’s edges, remove any extraneous objects, and improve the image’s quality. The corners of the scan can be positioned manually if necessary, by moving them.

The scanning feature not only improves the image’s quality but also adds new features. Due to the app’s automatic recognition and creation of distinct scans for each piece of paper, you can scan many documents in a row. It’s a practical technique to digitize many receipts or multipage contracts at once.

You can further edit the document using the built-in tools after scanning. When you tap on the scanned image, a set of editing choices appear that let you rotate, crop, or change the color and exposure. Even better, you can use the sketching tools to annotate the document, add text, or sign it right there in the app.

When the scanned document meets your standards, you can save it in a number of file formats, such as PDF or JPEG. Click the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen to complete this. Select “Save” to add it to your “Notes” app from the following menu, or “Save to Files” to save it to your iCloud Drive or another desired storage destination.

You may now simply view, distribute, and print the scanned document whenever you need to. You won’t have to look for tangible copies or be concerned about losing essential documents. You may efficiently handle your documents while maintaining your workstation clutter-free by using the iPhone’s scanning feature.

That’s all, then! Now that the scanned file has been saved on your iPhone, you can easily retrieve it and distribute it.

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The Notes App

Third Party Apps To Scan Documents

However, there’s still more! Did you know that you could scan documents on your iPhone using third-party apps that can be downloaded from the app store? Some of our favorite apps are listed below:

  1. Adobe Scan – You can scan documents, receipts, and even whiteboards using this program. It automatically scans the document for you and improves the image quality.
  2. Scanner Pro – With this software, you can scan documents and export them in a variety of formats, including PDF and JPEG. It also has advanced features like OCR (optical character recognition).
  3. CamScanner – You may share your scanned papers with others via email or social media using this program, which also provides OCR.
  4. Dropbox – If you use Dropbox, you can scan documents using the program’s built-in scanner tool. Simply launch the application, hit the “plus” icon, and choose “Scan Document.” The document will be immediately captured and saved to your Dropbox account by the program.
  5. Google Drive – Google Drive features a built-in scanning feature, just like Dropbox. When the app is open, hit the “plus” icon and choose “Scan.” The document will be downloaded by the app and saved to your Google Drive account.
  6. Microsoft Office Lens – A program made exclusively for document and whiteboard scanning, is the sixth option. It has capabilities like OCR and lets you save your papers in several formats including PDF and JPEG.
  7. Evernote: You can scan documents with Evernote’s built-in scanner if you use it for notetaking and organization. Open the app, hit “plus” once, then choose “Camera.” The program will then take a picture of the document and save it to your Evernote account when you choose “Document” from the menu.

These apps offer the ability to synchronize and save your scans across many devices, more sophisticated editing capabilities, scanning with optical character recognition (OCR), among other features.

Our approach to managing paperwork has been changed by document scanning on iPhones. In a single device, it provides ease, portability, and effectiveness.

Therefore, the next time you require a quick and hassle-free scanning solution, all you need to do is grab your iPhone and let technology take care of the rest.


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