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How To Find Wi-Fi Password On IPhone

Wi-Fi Password On IPhone

The Wi-Fi password on iPhone has evolved into the digital equivalent of the holy grail in an age where connectivity is essential. Wi-Fi is a need for our daily activities, and we use it to connect with friends and family, stream films, and browse the internet.

The passwords for the Wi-Fi networks we have previously connected to, however, are frequently forgotten. We’ll talk about how to locate Wi-Fi passwords on an iPhone in this article. So put on your detective hats as we solve this puzzle and investigate several techniques to discover that elusive password!


Finding Wi-Fi password On IPhone in the Settings

Depending on the version of iOS that is running on your iPhone, the methods to locate the Wi-Fi password in the Settings app might change slightly. Here are the steps to follow to locate the password on various iPhones:

From iOS 15 onwards:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. Locate the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently logged in and hit the (i) button next to it.
  4. Scroll down and select “Advanced.”
  5. The password is listed next to “Password” under the “Wi-Fi Password” column.


When using iOS 14 or earlier:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. Find the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently logged in and click the (i) icon next to it.
  4. A “Password” area can be found on the network details page. This field will contain the Wi-Fi password.


The processes might differ somewhat depending on whether your iPhone is using an older version of iOS or has a different user interface, but the overall procedure should be the same.

Locate the linked network and the password box by looking for the Wi-Fi or Network options in the options app. If you’re having trouble locating the password, refer to your iPhone’s user manual or seek additional guidance on the Apple Support website.


Finding Password By Checking The Router:

Checking the router is the first step towards locating your Wi-Fi password. Look for a sticker with the Wi-Fi network identifier (SSID) and password on the back or bottom of the router.

If you are unable to locate the sticker, try using a computer or smartphone to log into the router’s administrative panel.

Finding password by using iCloud Keychain:

You can quickly find your Wi-Fi password if iCloud Keychain is activated on your iPhone. Enter Website & App Passwords under Settings > Passwords & Accounts. You will be asked to utilise Touch ID or Face ID or enter your iPhone passcode.

After entering your credentials, look for the name of the Wi-Fi network and tap on it to display the password.

Finding password by using a third-party app:

On the App Store, you may find a number of third-party apps that can assist you in finding Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone. “Wi-Fi Passwords” by Alexandr Balyberdin is one such app.

You may view all of the Wi-Fi networks you’ve previously connected to with this app, along with their credentials.

Finding password by using a Mac:

You can use your Mac computer, which is linked to the same Wi-Fi network, to discover the password. On your Mac, launch the Keychain Access software and lookup the name of the wireless network.

When you double-click the network, choose “Show Password.” Before you can access the Wi-Fi password, you must enter your Mac password.

Finding password by resetting your network settings:

You can reset the network settings on your iPhone if everything else fails. Reset Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset.

All Wi-Fi passcode and other network-related information on the device will be deleted as a result. Wi-Fi networks will require you to reconnect and reenter your passwords.

Saving Wi-Fi Passwords On IPhone

Wi-Fi passwords can be saved on iPhones so that your device connects to well-known networks automatically without requiring you to enter the password each time. To preserve Wi-Fi passwords on iPhones, follow these steps:

  1. Join a Wi-Fi network: Make sure your iPhone is initially connected to the Wi-Fi network whose password you want to keep. The gadget only stores password for networks it was successfully connected to, so this step is essential.
  2. Access Wi-Fi configurations: On your iPhone, open the Settings app and select “Wi-Fi.”
  3. View network specifics: From the list of accessible networks, choose the Wi-Fi network for which you’re looking for to save the password. To access the network’s details, tap the (i) icon adjacent to the network name.


  1. Turn on Auto-Join: ensure that the “Auto-Join” option is selected on the internet connection details page. By doing this, you can be confident that the next time this network is accessible, your iPhone will instantly connect to it.
  2. Save the password: Your iPhone should already have saved the Wi-Fi password if you happened to have previously typed it for this network. Otherwise, before saving the password, you might need to type it in for the first time.

Once entered, your iPhone should immediately save the network’s password. Your iPhone will now automatically connect to the saved Wi-Fi network anytime you are within range of it without asking you to manually input the password.

You will need to manually update the Wi-Fi settings if the password changes. Please be aware that depending on the particular version of iOS that is installed on your iPhone, some of the stages may vary slightly, but overall, the procedure is the same for most devices.


There you have it, then! We have figured out how to access the WiFi password on your iPhone successfully. With these expanded abilities, you won’t ever again be left behind, unconnected, or constrained because of a forgotten password situation.

Keep in mind that awareness is power, and you now have the ability to access an infinite number of WiFi networks. Share your victory with loved ones, close friends, and other travellers, informing them with this acquired knowledge from lifehackhome.

So go forth, enjoy the digital wilderness, and don’t ever let a lost password stop you from having fun online!


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